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"Dealing with Troublesome Tenants: A Guide to Balancing Firmness and Compassion

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angry tenant

Picture this, if you will: a tenant calls the office. A call comes in across the caller ID, and you instinctively take a breath. They may be full of excuses as to why they’re late, belligerent about fulfilling their obligations, or complaining monthly about pricing and threatening to move out.

Some tenants have chaotic lives. We know the type. Their dog died, the house was struck by lightning, and the car broke down in one week. Many facility managers' knee-jerk reaction is wanting to work with the tenant. The problem you can face here is that if the tenant doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, it can result in the manager being in a bind.

An example would be if a manager decided to take a payment arrangement and stopped auction proceedings. The facility is the hero. What happens if the tenant stops paying? Now, the facility is left in a bind. Facilities can be compassionate and still firm on the processes.

It’s also vital for the facility to train all of its tenants for what is expected. Enabling bad behavior will only result in continued bad behavior. Remember, the facility needs to adhere to all parts of the lease, just as tenants are required to adhere to the lease.

If it is decided that the problem tenants need to move out, it is vitally important to recognize that rate increases are not a suitable remedy to incentivize tenants to move out and cannot be used as a punitive measure. The facility must send a formal termination letter to the tenant. Do not proceed with a lien sale if they do not move out. The next step would be to file an eviction through the local magistrate court.

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